Care Beyond Cure.

Snowline is a community-based nonprofit dedicated to enhancing life.
We relieve the physical, emotional and spiritual setbacks of living with a serious chronic illness. And we manage the adjustments necessary when life is limited and treatments that cure are no longer viable. Compassion and dignity ride along with every Snowline team member as they go home to home in our neighborhoods to deliver treatment and support to patients and their families. MORE

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Hospice Services

We make a difference by making the last days of life the best they can be, through individualized plans and a team-based approach.

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Why Choose Snowline

At Snowline Hospice, we’ll work with you to make the referral process as easy as possible, whether you are a patient, medical professional, friend or family.

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Want to help? We greatly depend on the work of volunteers. There are many ways you can lend your unique talents to keep our organization running.

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Back from Hospice Ethiopia

A note of thanks
          We have had sweet time with Michael and Jeanine. I think it was pretty good to do home visit, take time to discuss and visit hospice Ethiopia. We have nice dinner also. I am honored to be working with people well experienced, knowledge and passionate not only in PC but also all rounded like programs, administration...  Read More

Eat the Rainbow

Wisdom from Snowline's Dietitian
We are focusing on the health benefits of fruits and vegetables! Pediatric Oncology Dietitian Jennifer DeBerdt shared some helpful information on the topic. "Eat the rainbow" - A phrase you may have heard before; but what does it mean? All fruits and vegetables are beneficial to incorporate into your diet, but variety is the best option of all...  Read More

Humans of snowline

Janice Curtin
Humans of Snowline Janice Curtin - Medical Social Worker   Janice Curtin is not your typical Medical Social Worker. She devotes her time to helping people during the day and is an elite swimmer in the evenings...  Read More