2015 Sacramento Bee Special Report on Snowline

    Placerville Hospice Uses Thrift Stores to Fund Free Patient Care


    While this article was published several years ago in the Sacramento Bee, it's still important for us to share this with our community.  Do you know that Snowline has been serving the Sacramento area for close to 15 years? How about, that we never charge our patients anything? Or even that we have thrift stores that support the Mission?

    Check out this snippet from the article and click here to read the rest of the article. 

    By Cathie Anderson

    Placerville’s Snowline Hospice is expanding its patient caseload by 8 percent to 10 percent annually, and an increasing number of those patients are coming from Sacramento County. That’s why the nonprofit opened an office at 100 Howe Ave. in Sacramento in December.

    “We’ve cared for Sacramento residents, hundreds and hundreds of them, more recently in the last decade or so,” said Michael Schmidt, the nonprofit’s executive director. “Mostly, if you mapped it out, it would be eastern Sacramento County.”

    None of Snowline’s terminally ill patients or their families ever receives a bill from the nonprofit, he said. Instead, nearly half of the organization’s roughly $13 million budget comes from funds raised by six thrift stores and a small-but-productive up-cycling center that sells recycled materials to brokers all over the world....