Christina's Dream

    Snowline, Christina K., The Dream Foundation, and the 49ers

    Teo Weldon

    What is it like to have a Dream come true?

    Watching one of Christina's dreams come true on a recent Friday afternoon was nothing short of magical.....

    Surrounded by her loving family in the living room of their home, Christina filled up with anticipation, as Snowline's Development Director Rene Hamlin began presenting a gift....a gift made possible by Snowline's partnership with The Dream Foundation.

    Terminally-ill, Christina K. was propped up in bed as she watched and listened. And then tears filled her eyes, as Christina realized what was being given to her....a NFL 49ers jersey, signed by the legendary quarterback Joe Montana- her favorite quarterback of all time! The emotion in the room was overwhelming, as the family and Snowline staff realized how special this really was to Christina. She was beaming.

    So how did this come to be? How does a terminally-ill patient have a Dream come true near end-of-life?

    Snowline Clinical Director Lori Scoville calls it Legendary Care. It's this sort of care that makes Snowline different. Our Social Workers will talk with our patients about their wishes, their goals, what their passions are, etc. and will try to meet those goals.


    Not every wish or dream is possible....but many are!


    Magic like this happens because of Snowline's amazing Social Workers, like Maria Barron and Suzanne Trygar, who are instrumental in creating these moments and helping fulfill the wishes and goals of their patients. And this end-of-life dream of Christina's was made possible thanks to Snowline's partnership with The Dream Foundation.

    Love of the 49ers and Raiders permeates the K. household..... So when Snowline social worker Maria Barron asked her patient Christina about her dreams, wishes, and passions, it didn't take long to learn of Christina's love of her favorite team, the 49ers... And her all-time favorite quarterback.....Joe Montana.

    Maria worked with The Dream Foundation to arrange Christina's Dream of doing something exciting with the 49ers (before the 49ers were even in the Super Bowl), trying to get her down to see a game...or have some type of fan experience. But then Christina's health started declining, and the idea of taking her to a 49ers game was no longer a possibility. The Dream Foundation reacted pretty quickly to this turn of events, and got a signed jersey from Christina's favorite quarterback Joe Montana.


    And for Christina, it was a Dream come true....


    When asked about their partnerships with these organizations, Rene Hamlin says,

    “There are a few foundations Snowline works with- including the Dream Foundation and the Lighthouse Foundation. The Dream Foundation arranges for all of the physical needs and arrangements of that Dream.....

    In the past, we had a patient who was a Nascar lover, and they got him down to a Nascar race in San Diego, including getting to say “Start your engines”!

    The Lighthouse Foundation (who just recently gave Snowline a gift to send someone to Hawaii), gives Snowline the funds, and then Snowline is responsible for making those arrangements to make sure that goal comes true.”

    That Legendary Care is the sort of magic that makes Snowline different......a place where Patients are First. The reward of knowing Christina's dreams are important, and making her dream materialize for her.....seeing her smile.....hearing her heartfelt thanks......

    These things make this kind of quality care an obvious standard for Snowline.

    While Snowline might not be able to take you on a trip to the moon, Rene says “We can help arrange your trip to Hawaii!”

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