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    Letters for our patients

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    Sunshine Letter

    Spread joy and cheer by writing letters to hospice patients. Snowline's Sunshine Letter Program needs your help today.


    Letters can be handwritten or typed. Address your letter “Greetings to you”

    • Focus on the positive.
    • Isolation is difficult. Remind them that they have the support of their Snowline team.
    • No COVID19 or terminal illness talk.
    • Include photos? Yes! But no photos of people.
    • No politics, religion, or over personal information.

    Write as many notes as you would like. Mail to:

    Snowline Hospice

    6520 Pleasant Valley Road

    Diamond Springs, CA 95619

    Attn: Volunteer Department

    Start your letter today and spread some joy, cheer, and sunshine in the lives of those that need it most.

    Here is a great example