Dementia Care

Snowline Dementia Care

Specialized medical care for people suffering from dementia and cognitive decline in our service area in El Dorado County. Through conversations about what to expect, and the support that is given, Snowline has been able to help patients and families avoid many hospitalizations and Emergency Room visits. This extra layer of support has greatly improved the quality of life for patients and families.

Supporting patients and their families with moderate to advanced dementia:

• Physician visits to help answer questions regarding the patient’s condition
• Assisting in developing plans to anticipate problems to avoid the hospital and Emergency Department
• Regular Nursing and Social Worker visits to discuss the challenge of this disease on the family
• Monitoring symptoms
• Assisting with community resources
• A Spiritual Care provider to continue to support the patient’s and family’s spiritual needs

Who Qualifies?

Medicare patients in El Dorado County with:

• Moderate / advanced disease
• Needing help with walking, bathing, dressing, or toileting
• Frequent hospitalizations
Supportive Care is specialized medical care for people living with serious illness by providing relief from the suffering of symptoms and stress of the illness through a team of specialists.


This program has been made available with the generous support of the Women’s Fund of El Dorado County.