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Give From Your Donor-advised Fund

Simplify Your Giving

A donor-advised fund (DAF), like a charitable savings account, gives you the flexibility to recommend how much and how often money is granted to Snowline Hospice and other qualified charities. You can suggest a grant or recurring grants now to make an immediate impact or use your fund as a tool for future charitable gifts.

You can create a lasting legacy by naming Snowline Hospice as the beneficiary of the entire account or a percentage of the fund. With a percentage, you can create a family legacy of giving by naming your loved ones as your successors to continue recommending grants to charitable organizations. Contact your fund administrator for a beneficiary form.

*An Example of How It Works

Larry and Debbie want to give back to their hometown by putting their money where it will do the most good. They establish a $25,000 donor-advised fund with a community foundation.

The couple receives a federal income tax charitable deduction for the gift amount. Larry and Debbie also get the time to decide which charities to support.

After researching community needs with the foundation’s staff, Larry and Debbie recommend grants for Snowline Hospice and a local animal shelter. The foundation presents the charities with checks from the Evelyn Fund, which Larry and Debbie named in honor of Debbie’s mother. They name Snowline Hospice as the beneficiary to receive the account balance after their lifetimes. Larry and Debbie are delighted to start this personal legacy of giving.

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