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Hospice Care

Everyone deserves to live on their own terms, especially at the end of life. That’s what hospice care can offer—it’s about giving you and your loved ones the opportunity to make decisions and choose what matters most. Ice cream for breakfast? A cocktail with friends? We’re here to help, not judge.

Often, when someone is being treated for a serious illness, they wind up getting a lot of painful, expensive treatments and procedures, even after those treatments stop working. Research shows that many people on hospice care actually live longer than people with the same disease who continue receiving aggressive treatment.

A survey showed that about 60% of Americans would prefer to die at home, but only 30% think they will. Almost no one says they want to die in a hospital, but about a third of people do. Hospice is about caring for you wherever you’re most comfortable.

Hospice care is a Medicare benefit that is available to people in the final months of their lives. But currently, about half of patients die within the first three weeks of being on hospice. One of the most common things families tell us is, “I just wish we had called sooner.” Remember, you can always choose to stop receiving hospice care.

Hospice care follows a unique model that is rooted in the idea that you are a human being, not a patient. It uses a whole team of experts to care for your physical, emotional, spiritual, and practical needs. They can help you get medical equipment for your home, manage symptoms like pain or anxiety, and even help out with errands and household chores.

A survey showed that the #1 concern Americans have about their death is the impact it will have on loved ones. One of the most important aspects of hospice care is providing grief support to families after the death of a loved one. Choosing hospice care means looking out for yourself and the people you love.

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