Careopolis is a private, online area for your invited circle of care-members.  Family, friends, caregivers, etc can be invited into an online “caring community” with access to integrated tools and content, enhancing togetherness, empathy and nostalgia.  This enables friends and loved ones to become more of a part of the journey, and less of the landscape. 



A Careopolis contains an integrated blog, storytelling solution, interactive calendar, photo-sharing tools and 3-D medical animations.  It is completely created, curated and operated by a family and their invited loved ones, requiring zero-touch of our organization. 


The Careopolis is freely available here.  It is quick/easy for a family to create and use, and offered for free all throughout our community.  A Careopolis is mobile-friendly, bilingual (English and Spanish), private and invitation-only.  This is compelling throughout any healing or aging journey because it enhances the texture and durability of how loved ones become and remain:

  • Engaged as a supportive fabric of connectedness
  • Empowered with empathy, more than just sympathy
  • Part of the journey, as opposed to more of the landscape



"You made our experience/journey tolerable and helped smooth out the bumpy parts. The entire Snowline team was respectful, supportive, intuitive and competent. Thank you for being accessible at all hours, and thank you for doing what you do and being who you are."

Suzanne Nguyen