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Grief is a natural, normal, and healthy response to loss.


When a loved one dies, nothing feels quite the same anymore. You may wonder if what you’re thinking, or feeling is normal. No two people grieve in quite the same way, yet you may be surprised to discover many commonalities and to know you are not alone.


Here are some common grief responses after the death of a loved one:

I feel numb

I become tearful or cry unexpectedly

I haven’t cried

I’m having difficulty sleeping, and I feel exhausted

It’s hard to believe my loved one died; sometimes it doesn’t feel quite real

I’m having trouble focusing or concentrating

I have feelings of relief

I feel angry

There are things I regret

I talk to my loved one

I wonder where my loved one is, and if they are all right

Sometimes I don’t feel like being around other people

I’m afraid to be alone

I keep thinking about my loved one who died, and the events leading up to their death

Sometimes I stop thinking about my loved one, and then I feel guilty


Grief is dynamic and changes over time.

Your grief will be influenced by the relationship you had with your loved one who died, by your family, your community, and other sociocultural factors. Try not to compare your grief to anyone else’s, not even to those who are very close to you.


There is no “right” or “wrong” way to grieve.

While seeking support from others, it is important to trust yourself and your own experience of loss. Choose your own healthy path to mourn your loss, rather than doing what others tell you to do, or not to do.


Snowline recognizes the unique, dynamic, and often complex nature of grief.

We are here to help you better understand your grief and support you on your unique journey to adjust to the death of your loved one.


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Thank you all so much for your caring assistance for my Mom, C. Rodriquez. You are all angels of mercy.

With Love,

Roberto Rodriquez