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 You don't have to grieve alone.

Experiencing the death of a loved one is the most stressful and emotionally traumatic event any of us is likely to face. While everyone experiences and copes with grief differently, here are some common grief reactions:

  • Finding it difficult to concentrate and remember.
  • No longer enjoying activities that used to bring pleasure.
  • Feeling empty and alone.
  • Crying at unexpected times.
  • Experiencing physical discomfort (headaches, upset stomach, etc.).
  • Feeling like you're on an emotional "roller coaster".

The grieving process is necessary for an eventual return to good emotional and mental health, and these responses are a normal part of that process.

The grief recovery process is unique to each person. 

There is no set "time table" for recovering from grief; each person experiences the process differently. But psychologist J. William Worden identified four tasks of the grieving process that may be of help to you:

  • Accepting the reality of the loss.
  • Working through the pain of grief.
  • Adjusting to an environment where the loved one is missing.
  • Remembering the loved one with less pain.

Understanding grief may help you. 

Having helped many residents cope with grief, Snowline Hospice has identified several truths that may help you better understand the grief process:

  • Each person experiences and copes with grief differently.
  • You do not need to grieve alone.
  • Grief is a long process — it will take as long as it needs to.
  • Take good care of yourself — be gentle and patient.
  • The stress of grief can affect eating and sleeping patterns — be sure to get enough fluids, exercise, healthy foods and sleep.
  • Don't hide your grief from children in the family.  Be open and honest with them because they are grieving, too.
  • Contact friends who are good listeners, and others with similar experiences who are willing to provide support.
  • Crying is healthy and biologically helpful.
  • Don't allow others to "take over" or rush you through the grieving process.

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