Referral Information


Referrals – Community

Anyone can refer a patient to Snowline.  If you know a person who is seriously ill and needs support, or you know someone who you think may be ready for hospice care, call Snowline at:


Snowline will arrange an initial  evaluation.  If the person is eligible for support care or is hospice appropriate, Snowline will assist in obtaining physician’s orders to begin comfort care.  


Referrals – Medical Professionals

 If your patient is seriously ill and needs supportive care at home, please call the numbers listed above.

To refer a patient for hospice services, please complete the Request for Hospice Orders  and fax the completed form with supporting documentation to the Referral Office at Snowline:

Physician Request For Hospice - Referral Form (PDF)

 fax number:


We will contact the patient or patient’s family as soon as we receive your referral. For more information, please contact Snowline:




We had visits from other Hospices at the skilled nursing home, but we decided on Snowline. I had no idea at the time how helpful you could be. The care Snowline provided was way beyond anything expected.

Now that Margie is in another place, I have a new life to organize, and will call to arrange grief counseling. I’m so sad, but Snowline has helped me through the most stressful part of my life.

Thankfully yours,

Mike Morrison