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Supportive (Palliative) Care

Who Is Eligible?

You don’t need to be at end-of-life to receive Snowline Supportive (Palliative) Care

Snowline Supportive (Palliative) Care is medical and comfort care for the seriously ill to alleviate pain and suffering. It is an extra layer of support for patients living with chronic, serious illness. As soon as patients are diagnosed with a serious illness, they can seek palliative care from Snowline through a doctor referral.

When a cure is possible, Supportive (Palliative) Care supports the patient receiving treatments. When a cure is not an option, the emphasis shifts to pain relief and physical, psychosocial, and spiritual support to the patient and their family.

Supportive (Palliative) Care is intended to complement the treatment provided by the patient’s primary physician and other specialists and is provided by a team of nurses, social workers, and volunteers.

To learn more about Supportive (Palliative) Care: 530-621-7820 or 916-817-2338

Request for Palliative Care Order for Physicians

How to Refer

Referrals – Community

Anyone can refer a patient to Snowline. If you know a person who is seriously ill and needs support, or you know someone who you think may be ready for hospice care, call Snowline at:

530-621-7820 or 916-817-2338

Snowline will arrange an initial evaluation. If the person is eligible for support care or is hospice appropriate, Snowline will assist in obtaining a physician’s orders to begin comfort care.

Referrals – Medical Professionals

If your patient is seriously ill and needs Palliative Care at home, please call 530-621-7820 or 916-817-2338.

To refer a patient for hospice services, please complete the Request for Hospice Orders and fax the completed form with supporting documentation to the Referral Office at Snowline:

Physician Request For Hospice – Referral Form (PDF)

Fax number: 530-621-7820 or 916-817-2338


We will contact the patient or the patient’s family as soon as we receive your referral. For more information, please contact Snowline:

530-621-7820 or 916-817-2338

Patient Request for Supportive Care

Fax number:  530-622-7032 or 916-480-9283


We will contact the patient or the patient’s family as soon as we receive your referral. For more information, please contact Snowline: 530-621-7820 or 916-817-2338

Snowline is a proud member of NPHI, the National Partnership for Healthcare and Hospice Innovation, a collaborative of not-for-profit, community-integrated hospice and palliative care providers from across the country.      630-792-5800

Snowline is a proud member of NHPCO, the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, the nation’s largest membership organization for providers and professionals who care for people with severe and life-limiting illnesses.

Snowline has earned the We Honor Veterans Level 5 status for hospice, reflecting our commitment to meeting the unique challenges veterans and their families face. Snowline offers exceptional support for veterans, including veteran volunteers to sit bedside, pinning ceremonies, and partnerships with local veteran organizations.

Snowline is a member of the CCCC, the California Coalition for Compassionate Care, an interdisciplinary partnership of thought-leaders from healthcare systems and organizations, government agencies, consumer organizations, and the general public.

Snowline is a proud member of CAPC, which provides essential tools, training, technical assistance, and connection for all clinicians caring for people with a serious illness.

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