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Start a Fundraiser

Rally friends and family to raise money for Snowline Hospice. Create a fundraiser that celebrates exceptional care or honors a special someone. No experience is necessary. We can help!

Start a Fundraiser

Help out in your way. Start a personal fundraiser and support patients and families at Snowline Hospice. It’s easy:

  1. Choose between our general, event, tribute, or special occasion fundraising pages.
  2. Personalize your page. Your WHY is your biggest fundraising superpower.
  3. Raise money doing something you enjoy. Or simply ask for donations.
  4. Invite others to join you. Send emails and connect to social media from your page.
  5. Create a “Birthday Fundraiser” on your Facebook or Instagram pages.
  6. Thank your donors and celebrate your efforts to help our bereavement services.

For more ideas, contact Laurie Heyman at or 530.919.9321

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