Music and Memory

    What it means to you


    Listening to familiar music has proven benefits for Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients: reduced agitation, enhanced engagement, and increased cooperation and attention. The overall improvement in the patient’s demeanor and care is why Snowline became a Certified Music and Memory Program Provider.


    Music and Memory is a national program that provides personalized music to patients with memory disorders. Our volunteers work with the patients and their friends and families to create a playlist, which they then load on an iPod and gift to the patient.


    To find out more about Music and Memory, join us at the Alive Inside Screening on January 24 at Folsom High School.


    To support this program, please consider donating or volunteering.


    Looking for some musical treasures for your own use? Visit our Snowline Thrift Stores where you can find everything from cassettes and 8 tracks for $0.25, to records for $0.50, and even CD's for $1.00.

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    You have made 2017 Outstanding


    As 2017 comes to a close, we want to thank you for all the ways you have supported us this year. Whether it’s shopping at our Thrift Store, sharing stories of hospice care with the community, or donating funds through the mail or online, your support is the only reason we are able to fulfill our mission every year. Did you know that 10 percent of donations come in the final 3 days of the year? Make a year end donation today:  Hospice care is available to all patients regardless of their ability to pay. Patients and families are never billed for services. Medicare, Medi-Cal and most private health insurance policies have a hospice benefit. The uninsured are served through funds generated by Snowline Hospice thrift stores located in El Dorado County and Folsom, as well as by donations from people like you!

    Many Reasons to Be Grateful

    Tis the Season for Giving and Gratitude

    Rene Hamlin

    Snowline is grateful that TaxAudit adopted us for their holiday donation drive this year.

    TaxAudit, in partnership with Folsom Chamber of Commerce and TeamGiving, hosted a donation drive specifically for Snowline patients. Items included handmade quilts, cozy pajamas, fluffy socks and other items to provide comfort. There were also practical items, such as smoke detectors and DVD players.


    On Tuesday, TaxAudit personally delivered all the donations to the Snowline Thrift Store in Folsom.


    Snowline Hospice greatly appreciates TaxAudit, and the generous donation. We look forward to sharing these gifts with our patients and families over the coming weeks.

    2015 Sacramento Bee Special Report on Snowline

    Placerville Hospice Uses Thrift Stores to Fund Free Patient Care


    While this article was published several years ago in the Sacramento Bee, it's still important for us to share this with our community.  Do you know that Snowline has been serving the Sacramento area for close to 15 years? How about, that we never charge our patients anything? Or even that we have thrift stores that support the Mission?

    Check out this snippet from the article and click here to read the rest of the article. 

    By Cathie Anderson

    Placerville’s Snowline Hospice is expanding its patient caseload by 8 percent to 10 percent annually, and an increasing number of those patients are coming from Sacramento County. That’s why the nonprofit opened an office at 100 Howe Ave. in Sacramento in December.

    “We’ve cared for Sacramento residents, hundreds and hundreds of them, more recently in the last decade or so,” said Michael Schmidt, the nonprofit’s executive director. “Mostly, if you mapped it out, it would be eastern Sacramento County.”

    None of Snowline’s terminally ill patients or their families ever receives a bill from the nonprofit, he said. Instead, nearly half of the organization’s roughly $13 million budget comes from funds raised by six thrift stores and a small-but-productive up-cycling center that sells recycled materials to brokers all over the world....




    Meet Our Veteran Outreach Intern

    April King


    April King is a Navy Veteran that is originally from Tennessee. She was stationed on the USS Carl Vinson, an aircraft carrier out of San Diego, as a Nuclear Electrician’s Mate. During her six years of active duty, she completed an eleven-month deployment to the Persian Gulf and two extensive maintenance periods. She is currently attending Folsom Lake College as a pre-nursing student and is excited to be working as Snowline’s Veteran Outreach Intern. She can be reached by email at