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    March 29, has been designated as National Vietnam War Veterans Day. It is especially important that we recognize our Vietnam Veterans. That era was not only a difficult time to be in the military, but was also not well supported. These veterans were sent out to fight what became an unwinnable war. This all happening while Americans in protest of the war were confusing government decisions with the troops themselves. People forgot that those who were serving had no input on the decisions that were being made around them and for them.

    No one is more against a war than the military personnel that fight in them. They prayed for peace as they were preparing for war. However, they took an oath to protect and defend America and did so with full commitment. They did not have the time to sit back and contemplate if their decisions were the right ones. They carried out the orders that were given to them with the understanding that their lives may be sacrificed for a cause that they did not agree with or even understand.

    For many of those that made it home, the experience was nearly as traumatizing as where they had been. Some were spit on, cursed at, or ignored all together. For most, there were no "thank yous" or "welcome homes." Because of those experiences, it is not common for Vietnam Veterans to talk about their experience in the service.

    National Vietnam Veterans Day is an attempt to try to make things right for our Vietnam Veterans, and acknowledge those who returned home. So please join us in telling our Vietnam Veterans in saying "welcome home and thank you for your service."

    Butterfly Release

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    Rene Hamlin

    Snowline Hospice’s First Annual Butterfly Release honors lost loved ones through a beautiful symbol of hope and remembrance. Join us at the Capitol World Peace Rose Garden in Downtown Sacramento for the release of Painted Lady Butterflies and enjoy the talks of our guest speakers. To purchase a butterfly in your loved ones name, visit

    Prom & Wedding Event

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    This February 24th join us in Folsom for our Annual Prom & Wedding Event. The staff has been hand selecting dresses specifically for this event for several months, so you’re sure to find something you love. The Folsom team will have a wide range of dresses and styles, both new and gently used.

    This year you can expect to find a wide selection of brand-new Wedding Dresses, Mother of the Bride Dresses, and Prom Dresses at an affordable price. Be sure to visit the thrift store Facebook page @SnowlineThrift to view some of the dresses before the event.

    Student Discount at Snowline Thrift



    ATTN STUDENTS: Snowline Thrift Stores will be offering a daily 10% Off discount with a Valid/Current Student ID this February! Find A Store Near You

    Music and Memory

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    Listening to familiar music has proven benefits for Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients: reduced agitation, enhanced engagement, and increased cooperation and attention. The overall improvement in the patient’s demeanor and care is why Snowline became a Certified Music and Memory Program Provider.


    Music and Memory is a national program that provides personalized music to patients with memory disorders. Our volunteers work with the patients and their friends and families to create a playlist, which they then load on an iPod and gift to the patient.


    To find out more about Music and Memory, join us at the Alive Inside Screening on January 24 at Folsom High School.


    To support this program, please consider donating or volunteering.


    Looking for some musical treasures for your own use? Visit our Snowline Thrift Stores where you can find everything from cassettes and 8 tracks for $0.25, to records for $0.50, and even CD's for $1.00.