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Snowline Thrift

Thank you for helping our Mission and your local community by bringing your gently used clothing and household items to one of our Thrift locations.

Ever since Snowline Thrift opened its doors 35 years ago, it continues to be an ambassador for our community. In addition to maintaining profitability, Thrift goes above and beyond to raise funds in support of the most vulnerable in our midst — raising (in the 2021-22 fiscal year) $11k for Snowline’s children’s grief program, Healing All Together (HAT), $7k for our local veterans, and another $35k in general in-store donations for Snowline Supportive Care services.

We consider these stores as vehicles to serve the needs of all in our community. Approximately 100 individuals count on our locations for different things. There are employees, leaders, volunteers, and community partners such as AARP, Return to Work, and adults with disabilities that are here both to serve and to contribute to the Mission. Our donors provide us with gently used goods every day — and sometimes those include the belongings of a lost loved one recently on our hospice care.

These achievements would not have been possible without the support of our loyal community members. Every day approximately 500 sales transactions benefit families, all while keep everything from clothing to treasures out of landfills. Our team members are there to welcome them with a smile and a greeting. Many are on a first name basis. Above and beyond, our Thrift employees and volunteers excel at giving of themselves for the Snowline Mission, for the community, and above all from the heart.

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