A Special Message from Snowline CEO

    Tim Meadows Message to Donors, Staff, & Supporters


    Goodbye 2020 & Hello 2021!

    Last year was undoubtedly the most challenging year the majority of us have ever experienced. COVID pandemic, job losses, business upheavals, home schooling, racial injustice, national protests, contentious elections and wildfires made this time one for the history books. While the past year was very difficult I am hopeful that these trying times caused us to reflect more on what really matters, both personally and professionally, creating opportunity for positive growth and change.

    Now that 2021 has arrived it's a relief to glimpse the light at the end of the tunnel. Vaccines are beginning to be successfully administered. If you haven't already done so I encourage everyone to register for COVID vaccines as soon as possible. Different healthcare providers are rapidly putting together plans to start administering the vaccine to the public. The more people that become protected from the virus the quicker we can move safely forward and get back to normal. 

    HUGE THANK YOU to our front-line clinicians and field staff for your extraordinary courage, perseverance, and resolve you have demonstrated by continuing to care for our patients and their families throughout this crisis. You are exceptional and our community, patients, clients and partners are grateful for your service.

    I also thank our administrative and thrift store staff for pivoting, dealing with the curve balls, and continuing to strongly support Snowline's mission and it's frontline caregivers.

    Thank you to our Volunteers who have helped when and where you were able within our Thrift Stores, in the office, and with patients when possible. We need you all more than ever in 2021 as we move forward.

    Hopefully we will all have the opportunity to meet in person later this year. I sincerely wish everyone of you a bright new year of good health, peace, joy, prosperity and contentment. 


    Tim Meadows

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    Ten Myths about Hospice Care

    Clearing the fog surrounding hospice care during National Hospice & Palliative Care Month

    Shanon Strickler

    Myth #1:

    Myth #2:

    Myth #3:

    Myth #4:

    Myth #5:

    Ten Myths about Hospice Care

    Hospice isn’t a place and is offered where the patient lives. care is for patients that are living with a serious illness and wish to focus on comfort and maybe in the last 6 months of life. is about living as fully as possible, surrounded by family and friends, up until the end of life. Last year, more than1.5 million dying Americans were served by the nation’s hospice providers, reports the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. Yet there are many myths about hospice that keep people from getting this compassionate care when they need it most.





    Hospice is where you go when there is nothing more a doctor can do.

    Hospice is not a place, it is a philosophy of care providing medical, emotional, and spiritual care focusing on comfort and quality of life.

    Good care at the end of life is very expensive.

    Medicare beneficiaries pay little or nothing for hospice, and most insurance plans, HMOs and managed care plans include hospice coverage.

    Hospice is only for the last few days of life.

    Hospice patients and families can receive care for six months or longer, depending upon the course of the illness.

    Choosing hospice means giving up all medical treatment.


    Hospice places the patient and family at the center of the care-planning process and provides high-quality pain management and symptom control with the focus of comfort.

    Everyone dies in a hospital.

    Hospice goes to the patient and family at home—whether that’s a private home, a nursing home or assisted living facility, or a hospice residence.

    Hospice is only for cancer patients.

    Fifty percent of hospice patients are diagnosed with conditions other than cancer.

    Families are not able to care for people with terminal illnesses.

    Hospice involves families and offers them professional support and training in caring for their loved ones.

    Hospice is just for the elderly.

    Hospice serves anyone facing a life-limiting illness, regardless of age.

    There’s no hospice in my area.

    Less than one percent of Medicare beneficiaries live in an area where hospice is not available.

    Put Your Paws Together for Snowline’s First-Ever Pet Casting Call Winners

    It was a ruff decision


    The Volunteer Department is happy to announce three community winners from last month’s pet casting call, which drew over thirty submissions. The winners are Nancy Houston and her dogs Bo and Daisy, Leila Nagel and her dogs Evie and Dasher, and Snowline’s own Kate Craig and her dog Ella.

    The Volunteer Department and volunteer videographer, Jackie Penn, are filming, editing, and producing a special video of each pet. The pet videos will be made available to our patients, families, and the community-at-large. A true joy-in-the-moment experience sure to make tails wag and hearts melt.

    Cameron Park 30th Anniversary Ribbon Cutting

    Presentation of the RoundUp check to El Dorado County Veterans Alliance


    The Cameron Park 30th Anniversary Ribbon Cutting was a huge success. Thank you to everybody who came to celebrate the Cameron Park Thrift Store and its wonderful staff! The Cameron Park Chamber of Commerce showed their appreciation to Snowline Thrift for their many years of dedication to the community. Board members of the Chamber joined long time Cameron Park staff in the ceremonial cutting of the ribbon to officially welcome 30 years. Specialty 30th anniversary cookies from Frank Vilt's Cakes in Cameron Park were offered as a sweet treat to those in attendance. We appreciate everyone who came to support this wonderful milestone with us. As well as, everyone who supports Snowline Thrift by visiting and donating at our stores! 

    We are proud to announce the Veterans "Round Up" at Snowline Thrift successfully raised $6,911! Snowline has a long standing relationship with the El Dorado County Veterans Alliance and actively engages in aiding local area veterans. All of the proceeds from the round up goes towards the efforts of the El Dorado County Veterans Alliance to continue support for local area veterans. Chief Executive Officer, Tim Meadows, presented the alliance with the funds raised from the round up. President of the alliance, Gary Campbell expressed his gratitude for the kindness of the community as well as thanking Snowline for facilitating the round up. 
    Funds raised for the El Dorado County Veterans Alliance go towards programs and services for veterans in the community. Programs such as supplementary college aide, hospice care, PTSD counseling, homelessness prevention and food assistance are made possible because of the alliance. 

    Snowline Seeking Retail Volunteers

    Volunteer For Any Position Today!


    Do you love knowing what you do helps others? Do you thrive in a team environment? Looking to create lasting memories? Look no further than the Retail Volunteer opportunities with Snowline Thrift Stores. Retail Volunteers ensure that Snowline patients receive the care they need at little or no cost to them. Join a fun and exciting team of volunteers at one of our five Retail Volunteer opportunities in Folsom, Cameron Park, Placerville, Placerville eBay Store, or the Diamond Springs RAP Warehouse. If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering with Snowline, please contact Melissa, Volunteer Coordinator, at and checkout our website at for more information.

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