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    Rene Hamlin

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    Bonnie Davis, Snowline’s Director of Workforce Development and Volunteer Services

    has been recognized on a national level by the Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement (AL!VE)

    Rene Hamlin

    Snowline is pleased to share that Bonnie Davis, Snowline’s Director of Workforce Development and Volunteer Services, has been recognized on a national level by the Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement (AL!VE) . Bonnie was 1 of 3 volunteer engagement professionals awarded the 2019 National Impact Award as an Emerging Leader in Volunteer Engagement in the United States. One of the few volunteer engagement professionals to hold the Certified Volunteer Administrator (CVA) credential locally, Bonnie was honored for her contribution to organizational mission and impact, commitment to building organizational capacity, her “out of the box thinking” regarding utilization and recognition of clinical volunteers and the innovative creation and design of programs. Bonnie was also recognized for her leadership and advocacy within the field of volunteer administration. She serves as a Board Member and the 2019-2020 Program Chair for Directors of Volunteers In Agencies (DOVIA) of Sacramento and also serves at a national level through the AL!VE Program and Advocacy Board Committee where she is a key player in shaping the organization’s advocacy policy and strategy throughout the United States.

    Michael E Schmidt



    Back from Hospice Ethiopia

    A note of thanks

    Rene L Hamlin

    We have had sweet time with Michael and Jeanine. I think it was pretty good to do home visit, take time to discuss and visit hospice Ethiopia. We have nice dinner also. I am honored to be working with people well experienced, knowledge and passionate not only in PC but also all rounded like programs, administration.


    I trust our partnership will grow.

    Ephrem Abathun (MPH, BSc, Higher dip. in PC)

    Executive Director
    Hospice Ethiopia


    Eat the Rainbow

    Wisdom from Snowline's Dietitian

    Amanda Williams

    We are focusing on the health benefits of fruits and vegetables! Pediatric Oncology Dietitian Jennifer DeBerdt shared some helpful information on the topic.

    "Eat the rainbow" - A phrase you may have heard before; but what does it mean? All fruits and vegetables are beneficial to incorporate into your diet, but variety is the best option of all. The color in the fruit or vegetable represents the nutrients it contains. For example, red and orange produce contain high levels of Vitamin C. Vitamin C can help our body fight against common illnesses such as colds and the flu. If fresh vegetables are hard to come by, try frozen and canned as an alternative. They contain just as many nutrients and are easier to store. When consuming canned vegetables, make sure to rinse the excess salt water from the vegetables.This will help keep your blood pressure in good control. Try and consume at least two servings of fruit and three servings of different colored vegetables per day. The variety will ensure you are consuming an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals to keep your body healthy," said DeBerdt.

    Humans of snowline

    Janice Curtin

    Vanessa Soars

    Humans of Snowline

    Janice Curtin - Medical Social Worker


    Janice Curtin is not your typical Medical Social Worker. She devotes her time to helping people during the day and is an elite swimmer in the evenings.  She began swimming five years ago and has been practicing every day since then.  Janice first tried an open water swim in Lake Berryessa and loved it!  She then began competing and in the past two years has won 1st place in her age group.  Janice also won the National two - mile race!  What she loves is that swimming isn’t just racing, but “Living life out of your comfort zone and trying to find peace with it.”  There are so many times when she wanted to quit, however, she pushed through it.  Janice has had a love for the water ever since she was young and was a river guide for 15 years.  She had one of her first experiences with death when a passenger died.  She learned a lot about life and death.  Janice didn’t grow up wanting to be a Medical Social Worker.  Instead, she wanted to be a mid-wife.  Janice has two children and she had a mid-wife to help her with both deliveries.  She is a UC Davis graduate with a major in Women’s Studies and a minor in Chicano Studies.  Janice is a strong, focused, and determined woman who never gives up.  After her divorce, she has had to face many tough challenges raising her two children by herself.  Janice knew she wanted a better life for herself and her children, so she put herself through grad school and received her masters in Social Work.  Janice knew she wanted to work in the palliative care.  At Marshall Hospital where she worked in the ER, she saw that people didn’t really have a voice.  Janice started asking questions on what’s important to each individual and how they wanted to spend the rest of their time.  She wanted to give people a voice by giving them options.  She became very comfortable in the dying process and wanted to make a difference.  Janice wanted to demonstrate “what a successful death could look like.”  She has been with Snowline since 2014 and has been such a great asset to the team!