Team Snowline Creates Over 400 Care Packages for Troops Overseas!

    A Staff Volunteer Event with Move America Forward


    As a We Honor Veterans Level Five Hospice, Snowline is always searching for ways to be involved in supporting military veterans and their families. Earlier this year, the Sacramento-based nonprofit military charity, Move America Forward asked community leaders for support in their mission to provide care packages to troops serving in combat areas in the middle east. Since 2004, Move America Forward has supported deployed men and women by creating and sending care packages filled with daily essentials, snacks, and treats. Each package includes a note from the package sponsor that indicates their support and gratitude for the sacrifices being made to protect our freedom. Move America Forward's mission is to provide year-round military care packages that are full of the most requested items and the taste of home to our heroes.

    When Move America Forward requested help in creating care packages,  Snowline Hospice did not hesitate to answer! Supporting current and past military members is how we honor the sacrifices of the brave men and women who we serve today. Snowline's Veteran Outreach Intern coordinated a Care Package Party group comprised of 8 team members from Snowline's Retail, Clinical, and Administrative departments. Last Friday morning the Snowline Hospice Team gathered at the Move America Forward processing building to kick off the Care Packaging Party! In under 3 hours, The Snowline Hospice team created 420 care packages to be sent to troops serving in combat zones! Thank you Move America Forward for giving us the opportunity to show our respect to the brave men and women serving overseas.


    Former Presidents and First Ladies encourage COVID Vaccine

    Ad Council and COVID Collaborative


    Former Presidents and First Ladies Encourage Covid Vaccine:

    Watch HERE

    Recognizing Excellence in Hospice During Women's History Month

    How Dame Cicely Saunders Revolutionized Hospice Care

    Shanon Strickler

    Snowline celebrates March as National Women's History Month! We take this month to recognize the accomplishments of women who advanced the field of hospice care in the face of adversity. Today, we acknowledge "The Mother" of Hospice, Cicely Saunders. Dame Cicely Saunders is known for founding the first modern hospice and, more than anybody else, was responsible for establishing the discipline and palliative care culture. She introduced effective pain management and insisted that dying people needed dignity, compassion, respect, and rigorous scientific methodology in testing treatments. Saunders introduced the idea of "total pain," which included the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions of distress. Saunders knew she could best help dying patients by becoming a doctor, and at age 33, she qualified to become a medical student at St Thomas' Hospital.
    After qualifying, she obtained a research scholarship at St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, where she studied pain management in the incurably ill, and at the same time worked at St Joseph's, a hospice for the dying poor in Bayswater, run by nuns. Here she used her medical expertise and research findings to help the nuns improve their standard of care. Saunders devoted herself to her cause, and by late 1959, she had drawn up a 10-page proposal for a hospice. Building work started in 1965 and was designed to contain 54 inpatient beds, and there were plans for those who needed respite care and home care services. The first patient was admitted in 1967 and the hospice soon extended its activities to include research and a study center!
    We applaud Dame Cicely Saunders for her inception of hospice care and her mission to provide compassionate care to patients nearing end-of-life.

    Snowline: Remembrance of Lives Lost to the Coronavirus

    One Year Of Coronavirus

    Sue Watson

    Flags are flying at Half Staff all over the United States this week as our nation honors and grieves over 500,000 Americans whose lives were lost to COVID-19.

    The National Memorial Monday night was stunning in the sheer number of 500,000 lit candles, each candle representing a person in the US whose life was taken too soon. Many COVID-19 victims fought courageously for life, and many tragically died alone, deprived of the presence of loved ones due to the cruel nature of this viral infection. Snowline staff and volunteers remember them, and we also remember their loved ones, those who are left behind whose lives are irrevocably altered

    For every life lost to the Coronavirus, it is estimated that an average of nine people grieve this loss, have a void in their life because of this loss. Many of the bereaved have been denied an opportunity to say goodbye to their loved ones.

    Many grieve alone, unable to gather for a Celebration of Life and find comfort with family and friends. 

    Our mission at Snowline is to serve our community by supporting patients at the end of life and guiding loved ones through grief. Snowline lives our mission and is offering telephone support and online grief 

    support groups to the community. We are reaching out to everyone who is looking for some support. 

    To learn more about Snowline Grief Services and Support Groups, please see:





    Snowline's Outreach Team Delivers Care Backpacks to Homeless Veterans

    A Partnership with ROADS Home of Sacramento


    Last Friday, Snowline Hospice and The ROADS Home project partnered together to deliver care backpacks to homeless veterans in Sacramento. As a We Honor Veterans Level 5 Hospice, we strive to help as many veterans as possible regardless of location or income status. Snowline's Veteran Outreach Intern, Shanon, and Medical Social Worker, Caitlin, joined with the ROADS Home Outreach Coordinator Nate to deliver the care backpacks in the "skid row" of Downtown Sacramento. 

    ROADS Home is a nonprofit organization that focuses on ending the homelessness crisis among veterans and their families. ROADS Home provides immediate emergency shelter, meals, and employment programs for any veteran experiencing homelessness. Nate, ROADS Home Outreach Coordinator, took our Snowline team to various homeless encampments where our team gave backpacks and bins to those in need. 

    Along the way, our team toured Quinn Cottages and spoke to the staff about the need for care amongst our aging homeless population. In Sacramento County, there more than 1,000 people over the age of 55 who are experiencing homelessness, according to the latest federally mandated point-in-time count. The Volunteers of America also welcomed our team to tour their downtown office, where they temporarily house veterans and elderly in need. Finally, our team had the opportunity to speak with the Sacramento Police Department Impact Team's officers. The Impact Officers spoke heavily on end-of-life in the homeless community and the growing need for homeless hospice care. 

    As an organization, we are grateful to have had this opportunity to connect and help our community prosper. We are honored to serve those who have served us!


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