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    State by State Quotes, Sunshine Letters 2020

    We have received over 1200 letters from 42 states

    Arizona  Know that we are thinking of you and are sending you
    thoughts of joy and happiness.

    Arkansas I have been painting lately. I have always loved art but never thought I could do it. I am 68 now and giving it a go. It has brought so much joy to my life.

    California What a joy it is to see the golden rays of sunshine trickle through the leaves of my black walnut tree. If you were here you would hear the chattering of the squirrels and the chirping of the hummingbirds.

    Colorado I am so enjoying the change in the season and can feel the sunshine through the window. We are thinking of you. Know your Snowline care team is here for you.

    Connecticut Today I watched a frog as it sat still in the pond in my backyard. Was it searching for a fly or just enjoying the cool waters? it makes me laugh to wonder.

    Delaware I hope your mood is brightened by this letter. May you truly feel the sunshine in your heart.

    Florida Summer is right around the corner which means the smell of sunscreen and saltwater will be in the air in Florida.

    Georgia Nature is an amazing gift. It always reminds me to pause and appreciate what life is about.

    Hawaii It is nice to meet you. I wanted to let you know you have so many people thinking of you! Even strangers such as I. To make it even more amazing, the call to write letters for you and those in similar situations has reached all the way to Hawaii.

    Idaho Today I planted lavender in my garden. I will use it to make homemade tea and candles.

    Illinois My mother taught me how to bake. I am now passing that on to my own daughter. Yesterday, we made scones. I wish you could smell them from here.

    Indiana The air is ripe with Golden Iris’ and purple violets.

    Iowa Have you ever gone fishing in the rain? Yesterday I went and it was magnificent.

    Kansas You are in my thoughts. Know that you are so very special.


    Louisiana I wake every morning with the birds. I think they must be telling me it is time to start my day. If I am in a silly mood I answer them back.

    Maine The days here have been quite beautiful. One of my favorite things to do is watch this old oak tree in my yard as the leaves dance in the wind.

    Maryland Know someone from Maryland is thinking of you. We may be on different coasts but we are all living under the same sunshine.

    Massachusetts We are all connected to each other in this great big world.

    Michigan You matter. You are loved. Keep smiling and pass it on.

    Minnesota The flowers are budding -- such a great sight after a long hard winter.

    Mississippi I hope you know that this letter comes from the bottom of my heart.

    Missouri We went for a drive the other evening to watch the sun go down. I forgot how beautiful the summer sun is when it sets.

    Nevada Know you are a gift to the people around you.

    New Hampshire I watched my grandson yesterday. He is just turned three. I asked him to tell me something to say to you. He said “ I want to be a dinosaur when I grow up” I laughed and laughed.

    New Jersey I hope you get the chance to enjoy the warmth and days of sunshine as well.

    New Mexico I’ve always loved art and learning how to paint and draw. My pets are my subjects. They just don’t know how to sit still.

    New York We all need support and encouragement one time or another in our lifetime. I want you to know that there are so many people who care and are thinking about you.

    North Carolina I have been watching a family of geese and goslings grow. It reminds me how beautiful life can be.

    North Dakota

    Ohio I can’t believe the heat of the season is already here. The sounds of kids playing their summer games outside reminds me to enjoy it.

    Oklahoma We are enjoying the summer even though, here in Oklahoma, the heat could “fry an egg on the sidewalk”.

    Oregon We cook a lot in my family. Tonight we had stew and bread my daughter made. Great meal but now it is time for the dishes.

    Pennsylvania Remember to keep your head held high and look on the bright side.

    Rhode Island I’ve been watching caterpillars on my patio. It is amazing to watch how quickly they can weave a cacoon.

    South Carolina It is always so nice to get a letter in the mail. I hope you enjoy this one all the way from South Carolina.

    Tennessee One of my favorite parts about spring is looking out the window and watching all the flowers bloom and grow. Nature Is beautiful and persistent.

    Texas I’ve been planting my garden with tomatoes and green beans. It has been a joy to watch them grow.

    Utah I am wishing you days of sunshine and joy as summer approaches.

    Virginia We read poetry in the evening. It is one of my favorite things to do. I hope you are able to read something you love today.

    Washington Here for you and here for everything. My heart is with you during these times.

    West Virginia You are loved.

    Wisconsin I take walks with my dog after work. Well, really my dog takes me for a walk. He is a Great Dane and his name is Sir Charles.

    Wyoming Do know that your Snowline team is here for you. We all are.


    Fathers Day

    Artist Makes A Difference

    Rene L Hamlin

    Snowline honored patients and caregivers with a very special gift for Father’s Day. Twenty-three acrylic paintings by Davis artist, Marta Juliao, were delivered by Snowline Volunteers to individuals across El Dorado and Sacramento counites.

    Ms. Juliao learned about Snowline after seeing a news segment about the organization’s Sunshine Letter program that is an outreach to patients. She was eager to contribute to Snowline in some way. Snowline’s Volunteer Department asked the artist to create individual paintings that could be given to patients and caregivers for Father’s Day. Ms. Juliao was thrilled to give patients such a precious gift. “I was given this talent of painting and it only feels right to give it to others.” Ms. Juliao painted every day for a month to meet the challenge of creating the paintings. Her work is saturated in vivid colors that pay homage to the iconic landscapes of California. She is dedicated to her community and is always looking for opportunities to create art and uplift others. Ms. Juliao can be reached at

    Volunteers from the El Dorado Chapter of the National Charity League carefully giftwrapped each painting, and Snowline Courier Volunteers delivered the gifts to patient’s doorsteps. The team effort is a testament to the specialized care Snowline provides for its patients. A central component of Snowline’s mission is serving our community by supporting patients near end- of- life. “It is remarkable to see the community donate their valuable time to our mission. It is because of everyone involved that we were able to honor fathers in our care,” said Volunteer Coordinator Melissa Utermoehlen. Snowline is grateful for the continued generosity of the community to support patients and their families.

    Food Resources for our Community!

    Food Security Information


    This resource list was created with the intention of  providing useful information on available food resources during the COVID-19 crisis. With at-risk populations being urged to stay at home, we recognize that some may struggle with getting adequate food and supplies. For additional assistance, please contact Snowline so we can support you and keep you safe at home.

    Sunshine Letters

    Letters for our patients

    Volunteer Department

    Sunshine Letter

    Spread joy and cheer by writing letters to hospice patients. Snowline's Sunshine Letter Program needs your help today.


    Letters can be handwritten or typed. Address your letter “Greetings to you”

    • Focus on the positive.
    • Isolation is difficult. Remind them that they have the support of their Snowline team.
    • No COVID19 or terminal illness talk.
    • Include photos? Yes! But no photos of people.
    • No politics, religion, or over personal information.

    Write as many notes as you would like. Mail to:

    Snowline Hospice

    6520 Pleasant Valley Road

    Diamond Springs, CA 95619

    Attn: Volunteer Department

    Start your letter today and spread some joy, cheer, and sunshine in the lives of those that need it most.

    Here is a great example

    Sewing Mask for Snowline

    We are asking for your help to sew cloth masks for our healthcare staff at Snowline Hospice.

    Melissa Utermoehlen

    We are asking for your help to sew cloth masks for our healthcare staff at Snowline Hospice. If you or someone you know are interested, the directions and how-to links can be found below. The masks you make will be used by Snowline nurses and healthcare personnel who visit our patients every day. We would ask that you reach out to all you know and are associated with. Use social media, ask your neighborhood groups, faith communities, and charitable organizations. Let people know of our need. Drop off your handmade masks from 9:00 am -4:00 pm, Monday – Friday at a "no-contact dropbox" at both Snowline locations in Diamond Springs and Sacramento. Any amount is appreciated. Snowline Hospice Diamond Springs 6520 Pleasant Valley Road or Snowline Hospice Sacramento 100 Howe Ave. Suite 240 Approved Healthcare Masks VIDEO TUTORIAL LINK: HOW TO MAKE FACE MASK WITH FILTER POCKET AND ADJUSTABLE WIRE – SEWING TUTORIAL – YouTubePattern from EasyToSew on YouTube: V3HNrTlQxqSrGnw Beginner Friendly Tutorial Video for Sewing Masks provided by Medical Masks for Bozeman: wAR3nzofy4Vo6NbhTq75RpgTRLPZ6xM6_tqlUkqz3kLXozeBLClJjNJXkV8c Considerations: Prewash cotton before you start to see–Fabric of tight weave cotton or cotton/poly and color-fast so when washed in hot water will not bleed–The nose piece stay is going to be a garbage bag tie and can be stitched in place. You’ll see that in the video. Material Quantity Dimensions Cotton or cotton/poly woven fabric 1 15” long x 7.5” wide Bias tape or 2” width fabric strips 2 **36” long** Plastic Twist Tie or **pipe cleaner** 1 About 6.5” long **Based on feedback and requests from the community, these directions have been updated** • Serge or zigzag the short edges of your rectangle. • Fold your fabric right sides together, matching the short (serged) edges. • Mark 1.5” in from each unfinished side. • Stitch along your finished edges with ⅜” seam allowance to the mark, reversing at the beginning and end of your seam. Press your seam allowance open. • Topstitch one edge of your seam allowance, ⅛” from the fold. • Mark ½” above the unstitched side of your seam allowance. Fold your mask at that mark. Press flat. Topstitch around the entire mask, ⅛” from the edge. • Important info regarding twist tie: do not use paper wrapped ties (like bread ties). The paper comes off during wash and wads up and the metal material becomes sharp. • Insert your twist tie into the top of the mask (above the unfinished pocket edge). Stitch along the top edge of the pocket opening, enclosing the twist tie. • Fold three ¾” pleats along your mask **so pleats face down on the front of the mask**. Press. Run a basting stitch along the edge of the mask to hold the pleats. ((For elastic ear loops)) • **Lay your bias tape or 2” fabric strip right sides together along the edge of the mask. Leave 12” of bias tape hanging below the mask and the rest of the excess above the mask. Stitch in place with a ⅜” seam allowance.** • **Fold the raw edge of your bias tape to meet the raw edge of your mask. Fold again so the folded edges meet along the ties and covers your previous stitching on the mask. Topstitch in place down the entire length of the bias tape (36”). Finished!** For elastic ear loops: ¼” elastic 2 pieces 12” long ½” bias tape or 2” wide strip 2 pieces 6” long • Lay your bias tape or 2” fabric strip right sides together along the edge of the mask. Leave ½” above and cut excess to have ½” overhang below the mask. Fold the ½” overhang to the back side of the mask on top and bottom. Stitch in place with a ⅜” seam allowance. • Fold the raw edge of your bias tape to meet the raw edge of your mask. Fold again so the folded edge covers your previous stitching. Topstitch in place. • Insert your elastic through the channel formed by the bias tape. Tie ends and tuck knot inside bias tape channel. Finished! APPROVED SUBSTITUTIONS: • In place of elastic ear loops, you may now use 1/4″ cloth ties, 1/4″ parachord and or 1/4″ decorative elastic. Some elastic is available in 1″ and 1/2″ and is easily cut and proven not to fray in our tests. • In place of plastic ties, you may now use pipe cleaners or flower wire.