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Dementia Connection Community Partnerships

Dementia Community Partnerships

Snowline Memory Transition Program

This program is for people living with dementia who are transitioning home from Marshall Medical Center (  While in the hospital, people will meet with a Marshall Transitions Coach.  Once discharged, the Dementia Care Manager and/or a social worker will provide home visits and support their wellness.  This is a 30-day program to coach people and their caregivers on their personal goals, medication management, communication with their providers and how to identify symptoms of concern. Snowline Memory Transitions (SMT) is a collaboration between Marshall Medical Center and Snowline Dementia Connection Program.


Snowline Respite Partnership

Respite services provide individuals with a break in caregiving.  In partnership with dementia care community services, eligible caregivers will have access to a one-time grant to pay for a set number of respite care days at a local day program or a certain number of hours of in-home care.  The goal of the respite program is to give caregivers a break from the daily challenges of caring for someone with dementia. We encourage caregivers to consider using respite for self-care, attending an education class, or participating in a support and discussion group.
El Dorado County respite care partnerships with Snowline’s Dementia Connection Program are pending with several organizations.  If you have questions, please contact us at (530) 621-7820 or

The following community partners were instrumental in both initial research and feed-back during the roll-out and implementation of the Dementia Connection Program:

Marshall Medical Community Providers

Snowline Dementia Connection Program partners with Marshall Medical Community Care locations to offer dementia-focused training for their providers, social workers, and nursing staff. Marshall Medical Center’s leadership’s commitment to quality dementia care is appreciated and supported by their partnership with this program.

El Dorado County Department of Health and Human Services (HHSA)

Snowline Dementia Connection partners with El Dorado County Health and Human Services ( HHSA) Alzheimer’s support for the benefit of the person with dementia and their caregivers through referral, practical need supports (older adult day programs, in-home respite, home delivered meals, etc.) as well as supporting community-based education.

UC Davis Irene More School of Nursing

UC Davis Irene Moore School of Nursing acts as an evaluator of the Dementia Connection Program using the following approach:  Many caregiving programs are provided by service agencies, which lack the funding and expertise to conduct evidence-based research that determines the effectiveness of their interventions. The Institute’s program and policy evaluation unit, led by Heather M. Young and Janice Bell, brings decades of research expertise to the table. Through qualitative and quantitative methods, they assist agencies in understanding what in their organization works, what does not work and what the implications are for practice and policy. Through this expertise, agencies can focus on designing and implementing programs that care for their constituencies, while institute researchers collect data to evaluate those programs.

Alta Regional Center – Placerville

The staff input and resources provided by Alta Regional Center are instrumental in Snowline Dementia Connection’s continued effort to serve people with dementia and intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).  They assist with collaboration on programs, interventions and service supports for people living with dementia and IDD in El Dorado County.

The Arc of California

The Arc of California is a valuable consulting resource for the Dementia Connection Program in support of people with living with dementia and intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Offering education and advocacy, they partner with Dementia Connection to bring Dementia coaching and education to their outreach efforts.
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