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Snowline Featured In Mountain Democrat Newspaper

Spotlight: Snowline Hospice – Living life with dignity to the end

Increased attention was given to hospice care after former President Jimmy Carter announced earlier this year his decision to receive it.

In 1979 a Placerville area group recognized the need for terminally ill people to have an alternative to dying alone. Led by Dr. Douglas Tustin, they founded Snowline Hospice so that dying people could live their remaining time at home with families and friends. Snowline began as a community-based nonprofit years before Congress authorized hospice as a Medicare benefit.

 As an end-of-life medical provider, Snowline’s role is to manage pain and symptoms, educate caregivers and ensure the comfort of its dying patients. The service is free to qualifying patients and families who qualify for Medicare or Medi-Cal benefits. Snowline also provides charitable care to hospice patients who do not have insurance.

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