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BETH GRAYBILL and CRAIG KUEHN – In Gratitude: Two Dedicated Snowline Board Members 

Two of Snowline’s longtime Board Members have recently announced their retirement from service from the Snowline Board.  Snowline wishes to recognize the importance of their service and contributions.   

Both Beth Graybill and Craig Kuehn have been integral in Snowline’s story, working behind the scenes in many of the nonprofit’s officer roles, each serving as a member on every subcommittee and chaired subcommittees during their tenure.  They have each served as President at different times, and both worked together in the roles of Vice President and President.  

When asked about her service, Beth said:  
“I first became acquainted with Snowline through its thrift stores.  As my parents grew unable to care for themselves and gradually transitioned from independence to assisted living to memory care, I made many donations of their things to Snowline.  I was always impressed by the courtesy and sensitivity of the receiving employees as we dismantled a household that held a lifetime of memories.  As my parents started their final journey, Snowline was our first choice for their hospice care.  So, in 2017, when I was retired and was looking for a service opportunity, Dr. Gaddini suggested I talk with Michael Schmidt, who was then Snowline’s Executive Director, and I joined the Board of Directors shortly thereafter.   

From the beginning I was impressed with the absolute dedication of everyone to compassionate patient and family care and the commitment of leadership to maintaining a high level of service while staying within regulatory guardrails.  The Board was committed to maintaining this level of service when we recruited a new CEO and it has been a joy to watch this commitment grow and flourish under Tim’s leadership.  The Pandemic brought many challenges and opportunities and it was no small feat for Craig and the Snowline staff to so deftly navigate many of those changes while the Board was recruiting for a new CEO”.    

“I remain in awe of their unflagging spirit and dedication.  It has been a great honor to be part of Snowline’s journey”.   

When asked about his service, Craig said:  
“I wanted to join the Snowline board to give back to the community, but specifically to be part of an organization that provides a valuable ministry to people near end of life. I saw, first hand, how Snowline helped parishioners and their families. I was very impressed with the quality of care Snowline provided. I had a parishioner who was on the board and I asked him about joining. After an application and an interview, I was accepted. It was my privilege to serve Snowline on the board and as an employee.

Non-profit hospices have had numerous challenges these past years and greater challenges lie ahead.

“I have confidence that the current board and Snowline management will face these challenges and help Snowline be even better than it already is.”

Beth and Craig’s commitment, both professionally and as heart-driven individuals, is both admirable and exemplary.  Snowline thanks them both for their wonderful contributions and service!  

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