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Snowline Thanks You, Alice’s Embrace!

Diane Lewis, founder of Alice’s Embrace, a non-profit organization, recently brought a generous gift of hand made lap blankets and prayer shawls to provide warmth and comfort to Snowline Hospice and Supportive Care patients. Each item is knit by hand, within guidelines that are designed to ensure that every patient can safely enjoy. Thanks to the organization, the blankets and shawls are all made in smoke and pet-free homes and carefully washed before they are shipped. They come from all over the United States in honor of Diane’s mother, Alice Figueira.

The organization’s website tells the story of how this effort began, and most of all, ‘why’ it began. Diane shares the following:

“I feel that there is a need to provide this warmth and comfort and Alice’s Embrace will do just that.”

“Alice Figueira, my beautiful mom, passed away on May 29, 2011, from Alzheimer’s disease. While my mom was in the midst of her disease, I knitted her a beautiful sage green blanket. Throughout the years that blanket provided her with warmth and comfort. Countless times I would visit her, and she had the blanket on her, and her fingers were intertwined in the stitches. It not only provided comfort in it giving her warmth, but also keeping her hands busy.”

Alice’s Embrace is a non-profit organization devoted to providing hand-knit and hand-crocheted prayer shawls and lap blankets to those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. We seek volunteers to knit and crochet the patterns that we have created. Through the loving hands of many generous and talented people, this endeavor will help warm, comfort, and soothe these dear folks facing the daily challenges of the disease. Together, we’re making a difference.

I have a soft spot in my heart for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. I know that his or her old self is still inside – even if just a little bit. It seems that Alzheimer’s is affecting more and more families. I feel that there is a need to provide this warmth and comfort and Alice’s Embrace will do just that. “

Snowline is grateful to receive and share these beautiful blankets and shawls. Our promise to Diane is that we will give them to patients with loving reverence, in honor of her beautiful mother, and in great gratitude for the generous and talented work that she and knitters across the country have invested.

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